art & design

Graphic Design

Below is a selection of some of my design and layout projects.


This was a collaboration with the UCLA department of Spanish and Portuguese. I did graphic design, layout, and managed the printing of this volume.


Faculty Diversity @ UCLA

While working at Faculty Diversity & Development, I was responsible for creating websites and publication design and layout. I created the office Identity, while working within the university branding guidelines.


This was a design exploration playing with the ever-changing "music devices" we hold dear. In this case, traditional ayacachtli (rattles) and conchas (lute-like guitars) of the Danza Conchera tradition.


This was a exercise in iconographic composition. Here I explore the syncretism in contemporary Indio-Cristiano practices in Mesoamerica and its diaspora.

Traditional Folk Arts

Raised in the Danza Conchera (also known as Danza Azteca-Chichimeca or "Aztec Dance"), I have been taught and elaborated on traditional expression through the making of regalia and ceremonial objects using fabric, paint, beadwork, featherwork, and gourds.


One of the principle types of artwork within the Danza Conchera tradition is regalia making. Here are some samples of my work, employing both painting and the recortaje/resacado, a type of reverse appliqué. Every line is stitched and cut out.

Beadwork, Gourd rattles, and Feather-work

Beadwork mosaics, incorporating turquoise and seashell beads.

Gourds are engraved/burnt in order to make decorated rattles.

Banner Photo: Chalma, Mexico